Plenary (기조강연)



1. 신동재 박사 (삼성종합기술원)


"Niche to Volume: Silicon Photonics in Samsung"




Although CMOS integrated circuits and lasers have been recognized as the best inventions of the 20th century, their industrial impact is incomparable in terms of market size and usefulness in daily life. Unfortunately, the once popular prophecy of ‘the 20th century for electronics, the 21st for photonics’ has not yet been realized, and remains misguided so far. Under these circumstances, silicon photonics, which appeared in the early 21st century, struggles to apply the industrial advantages of CMOS to photonics, but it still remains challenging to overcome the huge difference between electronics and photonics. However, the sky-rocketing data increase caused by the advent of artificial intelligence requires a fundamental change or integration in the roles and responsibilities of electronics and photonics, so industrial expectations for silicon photonics are likely to continue. This presentation will overview results and lessons learned from some of Samsung's silicon photonics-related R&Ds including DRAM optical interconnects in ~2010 and recent silicon-photonics LiDAR. Beyond sharing past and current results, this presentation will also try to address pathfinding for constructive photonics-electronics co-existence in an industry perspective.



Dr. Dongjae Shin is a principal researcher at Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology, and is currently working on silicon photonics to leverage the silicon infrastructure of Samsung for emerging applications. Since 2002, he has been with Samsung for silicon photonics and optical communication R&D. Prior to Samsung, he was with Bell Labs, NJ for optical crossconnect R&D. He has two decades of industrial R&D experiences with 1 book, 75+ papers, and 125+ patents on silicon photonics, WDM-PON, VLC, and near-field optics.



2. 김봉태 연구전문위원 (ETRI)


"Understanding of Digital Transformation, AI, and Metaverse"




정보통신(ICT)분야에서 지속적으로 특별히 큰 관심을 끌고 있는 이슈들인 디지털 전환, 지능화 또는 인공지능, 그리고 메타버스에 대한 핵심 개념, 배경 지식과 현황을 살펴보고, 함께 미래를 조망함으로써 관련 이슈들에 대한 이해의 폭을 넓히고자 함 



현) ETRI 통신미디어연구소 연구전문위원
전) ETRI 미래전략연구소장, 창의경영기획본부장 등  역임
전) 기가비트급(Gbps) 초고속인터넷의 세계 선도 구축을 견인한 FTTH 기술개발 주도